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As an independent financial firm, our responsibility is to our clients, not any company. This mandates that we place you, the client, first while allowing us to maintain our integrity and reputation. We provide retirement income planning with an ongoing comprehensive analysis of your complete financial life. We identify risks you will face in retirement and meet them head on. 

Our comprehensive approach evaluates all of your retirement income sources, including pension, social security, and other sources of lifetime income enabling us to maximize your income while increasing your overall net worth. We strive to reduce the corrosive effects of fees and taxes on your retirement resources making it possible to increase your net worth without excessive exposure to market risk. Strategic planning allows us to maximize your retirement resources, and also gives us the ability to take advantage of all of the tax, health care, and estate planning knowledge available. 


Investment Advisor/CEO

Triplett Financial Group clients have a “deal with it now” attitude. That’s why they are attracted to the planning process developed by Triplett Financial Group’s founder and CEO Mark Triplett. The step-by-step process guides them through the assessment of their current condition, helps them identify potential cracks, encourages them to be accountable, and empowers them to take corrective action.   

Mark developed his own “deal with it now” attitude when diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 15. “When you get that news, things that were important the day before suddenly seem trivial. You don’t have time to waste, pretending nothing is wrong or asking “why me.”  You and your team of professionals get busy assessing the situation, weighing the risks and benefits of intervention and taking corrective action to deal with the situation.” 

Mark believes this same approach applies to retirement income planning. If you are going to have problems in the future, it’s best to know now and deal with it than to pretend nothing is wrong and wait until its too late. 

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Director Of First Impressions

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Certified Public Accountant

No parent should even have to burry his or her child. Likewise, no business owner should ever have to watch his or her life’s work auctioned off to the highest bidder after a financial mistake. Financial Freedom Controls clients appreciate Chad’s passion for protecting entrepreneurs and the self-employed from catastrophic financial oversights. He was a business owner at heart from the beginning. At 12 Chad bought 30 head of feeder pigs on his father’s farm. Over the next 5 years he did it again several times over. When his fathers farm was put up for sale, and his father was forced to find a laborer position it light the fire for Chad. He’d spend his career advocating for the self-employed small business owner so that none of his clients would have to experience what his father did. “Go to school, get a degree and do what you want,” was his father advice. Chad heard the call.

Chad’s clients rely on his intellect to guide them to make smart decisions. However, few know that he finished his freshmen year with a 3.2 grade point studying a double major in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics while working 30-40 hours per week. Chad’s own entrepreneurial spirit, along with direction from his college advisor guided him to switch his major to accounting and the study business operations. He knew it would better equip him to dedicate his career to helping business people like his father. Chad’s clients are often overwhelmed when they learn that while taking night classes to earn his masters degree Chad was able to help his father begin farming again. After his father’s operation was up and running, Chad through himself into his accounting business and his mission to serve other self employed north Iowans. 

Chad resides in Clear Lake with his childhood sweetheart Michele, and their 4 children, Kylie, Faith, Brayden, and Addilyn. The enjoy sports, are active in their church community, love outdoor activities together as a family.

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